Riverside Chemical is proud to be a Certified ACD Chemical Distributor

Riverside Chemical Company, Inc. is a proud member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution or ACD (formally NACD), the organization representing companies that formulate, blend, repackage, warehouse, transport, and market high-quality chemicals and chemical products to 750,000 end users in nearly every industry sector. Through ACD, members stay up to date with the information, resources, and connections they need to safely, reliably, responsibly, and sustainably move the chemical products our world depends on.

About ACD Responsible Distribution™

Leaders in the chemical industry have a shared responsibility to ensure well being, safety, and security of our employees and the communities in which we live and work; ensure consistent, high-quality products; and innovate to grow sustainability — all while staying at the forefront of complex regulations and requirements. As a verified Chemical Distributor of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution, Riverside Chemical Company demonstrates our commitment to best-in-class standards in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal through implementation of ACD’s Responsible Distribution.

Under this program we ensure:

  • Lower occurrences of safety and environmental incidents;
  • More safe, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly business practices;
  • Increased consistency and quality of products;
  • Transparent communication with local communities and stakeholders; and
  • Continuous improvement in sustainability and innovation based on recognized best practices with strict adherence to regulatory requirements

Visit the ACD website at www.acd-chem.com.