Seasonal Chemical Products

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The following Pool Chemicals are available for pickup to businesses and consumers.

Chlorinating Agents:

“Liquid Chlorine” (Sodium Hypochlorite, i.e., concentrated laundry bleach)
“Shock” (same thing as liquid chlorine, but you just use more of it to achieve a “Shock”)

Available in 4 X 1 gallon cases, 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon containers.


Purex Salt (Sodium Chloride or table salt (non-iodine) for Salt Water Chlorine Generators or SWG)

Chlorine Neutralizer:

Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Thiosulfate (Removes free chlorine to reverse shock – only use if really needed.)

pH Increase:

Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate; also increases Alkalinity), or Caustic Soda (increased hazard) and Sodium Tetraborate, Pentahydrate (Borax) may be used to raise the pH without adding Alkalinity.

pH Decrease:

Muriatic Acid (NOTE: increased hazard), or Sodium Bisulfate (dry acid, safer but more expensive)

Increase Alkalinity:

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda; acts as a pH stabilizer), or Sodium Carbonate (also increases pH)

Increase Hardness:

Calcium Chloride, Flake (generally only needed with in-ground gunite pools)

Flocking Agent:

Alum (Aluminum Sulfate)

Filter Media:

“DE” Diatomaceous Earth (Celatom FW 60)

Now available at Riverside:

AquaChek® test strips to measure: pH, Free Chlorine, Alkalinity & Stabilizer.

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